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The Basics to Wood Flooring


When building houses one must know at least the basics or you can go through the whole process saying ‘uh huh, yeah sure’ to the contractor or worse, ending up with a house that you did not want simply because you didn’t know what was what. Well here are the basics you should know if you’re opting for wood flooring. First things first, you should know what types of wood are there. The answer to that is that timer can be categorized as solid, engineered and acrylic-impregnated. Solid is when the panels used are made from a single piece of timber. Solid timber comes in three types, plank, strip and parquet flooring, each having its own district pattern and size. Engineered timber is where the product is made by mixing plastic laminate veneer with real timber. Acrylic-impregnated flooring is when a sealant is infused with the wood throughout which makes the wood more durable making it more popular with commercial properties.
The next thing you should know is how the panels are installed. There are quite a few methods of installation in wood flooring. Some of the popular choices are tongue and grove, floating, click or woodlock and floor connection installation systems. Each methods are compatible with all floorboard types but some methods are more commonly used with certain types such as the woodlock method is generally used with engineered wood.
Then next we have finishing. Now this is an important factor to be educated on for the simple fact that this is the outward appearance of the floor. When it comes to finishing there are three commonly used blends are natural lacquers, varnishes and shellacs, oil based products and polyurethane based products. The most popular blend used is the oil based finishes simply for the fact that it is easier to maintain on the long run. When it comes to timber floor you have to also know about the buffing and sanding process. Lumber floor have to be buffed every 3-5 years depending on the wear and tear and properties of the products used. Along with buffing, you will have to sand the floor. This is when the panels are scrubbed thoroughly with heavy grain sand paper to clear up any unevenness with the installed floor.
Opting for timber floor will always add elegance and class to a building, which is why it has always been a popular choice with home owners. So if you’re going for wood flooring in Auckland then it’s always good to know something about the products available before making your decision.

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