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How To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom In Regards To Layout And Space

When you want your washroom remodelled, you know you can always count on the professional designers and contractors for a polished finish with their skills and expertise. As compared to going DIY, seeking professional services may help prevent remodelling mistakes that would be a waste of time and money. You can leave it to the experts, and you don’t have to break a sweat or any pipes or whatever for that matter.With professional services, you can get the best results, but before going on with the bathroom renovations in Ferntree gully, you must also have an idea what will work for you. Whether it’s the master, kid’s, or common washroom you wish to have remodelled, there are some things that you will have to consider.So here, we have some ideas that can maximize the remodelling potential that you can have done with the help of the home renovations in Wantirna south professionals.

Three Quarter or Full?
In regards to the layout, it’s down to two choices—either three quarter or full. What’s the difference? A three-quarter washroom would suffice for those who would opt for the basics: the toilet, sink, and shower. A full washroom, on the other hand, would be best for houses that accommodate a whole family, especially when it comes to the common washroom, or perhaps, just for someone who opts for more functionality. It mainly features the tub, shower, toilet, sink, and ample storage. Aside from the main features earlier mentioned for the two layouts, other elements can also be added as preferred like a vanity and other functional, as well as decorative items for a personal touch.While the three-quarter washroom would be perfect for a small space or for those who would just rather do without a tub, the full washroom would work better for a wider space. Nevertheless, with a strategic arrangement, it’s still possible to have a full washroom with just a small space without making it too cramped.

Space Maximizing Tips
Here are some helpful tips that can maximize the room space. These can help make the room more open, as well as help save some space, especially for smaller areas to work with. The Power of IllusionA huge mirror on the wall can create an illusion of more space and can be used by two persons at a time. A frameless glass divider for the tub or a glass door for the shower can contribute to a spacier appearance. Large patterns, e.g., large stripes; squares; and etc. can make the space appear larger. Let it SlideA glass door that slides for the shower would be more convenient than one that pivots, which can get in the way. A shower curtain is also a good option. Keep it Storage WiseA medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror provides dual functions for storage and seeing one’s reflection, while not taking too much space. You may also opt for open shelves forstorage, as opposed to storage with drawers or doors, as it tends to get in the way.Use the Space WiselyAsink designed to be fixated at the corner (corner sink) can save you some space. So does a wall-mounted sink (trough sink), while giving you space for storage below it.Either are better options than the space-taking pedestal sink. Wall-mounted faucets can also free up space. The door can also provide a spot for the towel bar.You can trust the skilled and knowledgeable experts in their renovating profession, but it also pays for you, yourself, to know some helpful information.bathroom-renovations

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