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Letting Go of the Rat Race

As young graduates leave the safe bubbles of their universities, the distinct lack of cotton wool wrapping around you can be quite jarring. Suddenly buzzwords are being floated your way; scary ones like ‘the job market’, and ‘experience’, and (may you never hear this one, but…) ‘unpaid internship’. These are all things that young professionals starting out in their respective fields will hear all too much of, and certainly before they hear a ‘yes’, or ‘please sign here’ from a possible employer. This often results in feelings of hopelessness, and perhaps even apathy regarding the whole process. Having just finished a degree in higher education, possibly having gotten into mounds of student loan debt, and all only to be faced with a cold and unyielding job market. It is understandable that students feel such hopelessness. The key, though, is to remember something very important about success: that it is whatever you define it as.

Driving your luxury German sedan down the sandstone pavers Brisbane leading up to your huge mansion, filled with exotic furnishings, and maintained by what can only be described as an army of cleaning and ground staff. This is a very popular idea of what success looks like, but it may not necessarily be what you would feel is your ultimate achievement. However, the rat race often pushes people to pursue that image, often sacrificing their own happiness because of it. Especially with young people, a feeling of inadequacy may even creep in if the ideal successful career doesn’t quite fit their lives. Now more than ever, creating your own path is something that is totally within reach. Letting the obligations of success fall away, and merely going after what makes you happy can prove to be the most successful thing you’ll ever do. And people have done this before.

Role models in their fields have achieved great success in ways that people never even thought possible. Creating opportunities where none existed before can be extremely gratifying. Wedding planners, social media managers, even entertainers — these are vocations that evolved as talented people saw their passions as ways of living, and not merely hobbies to be done after their nine-to-five work week. And, more often than not, pioneering whole new industries paid for quite long brick paving driveways.

Let yourself feel scared by what you want to do. That is often the truest indicator that it is worth doing. But as soon as you feel despondent after being told ‘no’ too many times, ask yourself if perhaps your version of success is better sought outside of the field you’re currently in.

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