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How To Waterproof Your Concrete House?

Waterproofing the concrete structure of your property holds the same importance as waterproofing the roofs. If your property is structured with concrete, then it is a smart idea to waterproof them during the construction.

The concrete waterproofing shields the house from water leakage and damaging the walls. It also adds beauty to the rooms as well as the living space. The method is applied during the construction, where the entire walls are waterproofed. On the other hand, applying waterproof membranes on the cracks and joints is another method of waterproofing the walls.

However, before you proceed, you should have a clear idea what we mean by waterproofing. The concrete waterproofing or roof waterproofing is a technique to envelope the property with specific solutions/ chemicals to prevent dripping of water. Usually, the waterproofing technique or material used by a construction company is not always of good quality. Also, there are several limits due to which the waterproofing is not done perfectly. So, it is your duty to inspect the work of the builders or constructors and ensure effective work is done.

Usually, the coating of waterproof membrane remains for a maximum duration of 5-10 years. The longevity of the membrane depends on its quality and the rate of weathering. In this article you can find out how to waterproof your property during later stage.

Step 1:

The first step is to determine whether the concrete house needs waterproofing or not. The external walls of your property need a lot of attention to diagnose the cracks or holes. Such cracks or holes are the source from where the water can trickle inside the house.

Step 2:

The second step should be to decide how to waterproof the portions. Caulking is a process to join the cracks, which are more than ¼ inch. Concrete patching is done in those portions and the surfaces are then smoothen with the help of brush.

Step 3:

The rough and loose materials are then removed from the surface after the concrete patches are dry. Removing such loose particles ensures the waterproofing can be done efficiently.

Step 4:

Applying the liquid membrane is the next step. You need to more careful in selecting the best product from the market.

You can also select sodium bentonite, which is a non-polluting waterproofing agent. This solution prevents soil pollution and can be stated as a green method to waterproof concrete.

Step 5:

The liquid waterproofing materials are basically polymer-based coating, which can either be sprayed or rolled on the surfaces.

You need to maintain a constant thickness of the coating on every inch of the concrete structure. You can also use self-adhering sheet for maintaining the consistency. Follow the manual for a better result.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Flooring For Your Home?

The beauty of your home totally depends on the flooring you use. While you want to ensure that the flooring matches your personal taste, you also want to make sure that the flooring option is practical to use. Flooring is not something you can change frequently and so, the decision you make is important. If you are considering remodeling your home, changing the floor can give the dramatic makeover you have always longed for.


To make the best choice for flooring, you should consider usability. The rooms that are most used like living room and bedroom need hard and easy to clean floors. Bathroom flooring should be waterproof and it should be easier to use cleaning solutions on the floor. While hardwood floors give the most glamorous look, you can easily achieve the same look with bamboo flooring. If necessary, you can use different flooring options for different rooms in your home to create cozy living spaces.

Installation difficulty

Flooring task can be completed in a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the type of flooring you have chosen. Bamboo flooring is relatively easy to install compared to hardwood floors and tile flooring. This becomes even more important when you undertake a home renovation project where the entire family stays in the home during the renovation. If you don’t mind moving to someplace else until the flooring is complete, you can go for exotic flooring options that can take a little more time to install.


When you install flooring in your home, you have to ensure that it stands the test of times. Floor tiling in Melbourne options such as wood, bamboo, stone or even tiles are highly durable. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about replacing the floors anytime sooner. They can stand the abuse that you put them through. However, synthetic flooring options are easy to install, but they are not extremely durable. This means that you have to renovate your home flooring more frequently when you choose vinyl flooring.


It is imperative to balance the cost of flooring with other factors. If you are not limited by the money you can spend, you can go for exotic trends such as hardwood and stone flooring. However, if your budget is limited, you have to choose economical options. These economic flooring options also look and feel exotic as modern technology makes it possible for synthetic flooring to resemble natural flooring types. You shouldn’t hesitate to stretch your budget a little bit for highly durable flooring that requires little maintenance.

How To Clean Your Glass Window?

Glass windows give your house a nice look. It also gives more protection from rain and cold wind than any kind of windows. In winter season, glass windows can make your home warmer than other wooden windows. It also adds a furbished look to the interior part of your home. 

A glass window needs to be cleaned everyday than other windows because dirt gets into the glass windows very easily. But you may not want to spend much time in cleaning the glass windows, and it is really not possible to make out time each da for window cleaning. On the other hand, cleaning and maintenance of glass windows are also needed to keep the windows in good condition for long. Regular observation will help you stay alert on timely glass window restoration.

Professional cleaning is always recommended but if you are a DIY person, here are some tips on how you can clean the glass windows:

You can clean your window glass monthly. If this is not possible for you, then you can clean your window in every three months. But you need to clean your window at least thrice in a year. Remember one thing your clearing of window depends on how much polluted area you are living in. while cleaning don’t rub your cloth on the glass and move your hand from one side to another. While cleaning, if you find the window is broken, then you can think of glass window replacement or repair. Browse this article to find out the best repair services.

The essential equipment that is needed is a soft cloth. You also need warm water in cleaning glass. Use purified waters instead of any other water. Because potable waters do not contain any chemicals or other substances that other water resist and if you use that water in cleaning the window then it can cause of a little affect the glass. So to avoid this kind of harm use purified waters.

You can blend a little baking soda with water. It can remove any strains from the glass especially from kitchen window glass. You need to mix baking soda with normal water and leave that paste on the glass window that is strained. After some time if you see that window, you will be surprised because that strain will be vanished. Baking soda also gives your glass window a shiny looks.
So, you can clean the glass windows on your own. Glass windows are breakable, so use this very carefully. If you have children in your home, then do not allow them playing ball in house.

Revamp And Add Value To Your Property

Modernizing your house is easy but renewing your swimming pool is a pretty tough job. Nowadays, advanced technologies have come out and refurbishing a swimming pond has become easy.
Pool renovation in Sydney transform an old swimming pond into a new lavish bathing pond with all the modern facilities. However, due to lack of knowledge many people reconcile with their existing swimming pool and do not go for the renovation of their bathing pond.

There are some points which must be taken into account when you are planning for pool renovations. Salt water chlorinator is a new technology in purifying the pool water. It eliminates the requirements of using liquid chlorine, grainy chorine or the use of tablets made from chlorine. The new technology eradicates the theory of storing and manual appliance of chlorine. With this new process, salt is changed into chlorine by an easy chemical procedure.
Creating chorine within the swimming pond has enhanced disinfection due to chemical procedure. Salt water chlorinator technology has reduced the trouble of adding and checking the chorine level in the water. It cleans the swimming pool water well.
Decorate your swimming pool with colored LED and fiber optic lights. This will upgrade the visual effects of the swimming pool. The backyard colorful lightings make the landscape look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You can use these lights inside the swimming pool floor and the pool water will simply glow in neon colors. Colorful lights make the pool look superb. On the whole the value of the pool will increase as the lightings will make your backyard look magnificent, and you will love to swim at night. The lighting sets a romantic mood.
Make the surface of the pool durable that shines from pinnacle to base. Pool plaster saves the pool from getting damaged. New pool plaster technology provides durability to the surface and the plasters come in varieties of colors and textures. The quartz, pebbles and crystals have enhanced the durability of the plaster. These types of pond plasters are very appealing to the eye as they reflect light and colors and produces exciting effects from the bottom to the top of the pool. Collective finish could be polished regularly and it increases the life span of the pool.
Decorate your swimming pool with natural stones, shells and pebbles. A variety of pool decorating stones are now available in the market. Choose colorful stones such as bluestones, sandstones and beautiful shells for decorating your pond. This will produce a natural effect and you will love swimming in your pond. Use electronic auto water fill for your swimming pool. You will have ample water supply for your pool. With this technology your pool water will always remain constant.

Ways Of Maintaining The Strength Of A Building

A house or an apartment is a great asset one owns in their life and a lot of hard earned money goes into such investments. People often look for such residences which would keep strong and help them and their generations to come lead a healthy and comfortable life for them. Due to various laws of nature and much like every other object in this world, such buildings often go through much wear and tear. Regular maintenance becomes much important to keep them strong and healthy. Not only buying, but a lot of money often goes into the various kinds of maintenance that is often required to keep the house both strong and good-looking. Given below are some such kinds of repairs which become much essential after the regular use and wear and tear.

  • Giving strength to the walls

Walls and pillars are the most important parts upon which the whole house stands erect. Keeping them strong is often the most important part of the regular maintenance that is done. The walls, which are exposed more to the outside wind and air often go through much erosion and often requires mortar pointing which gives them back the required strength for many years ahead. Many such experts are available who gives us the detailed knowledge about the various ways the walls and pillars can be kept in good state.

  • Filling up cracks

Very often the walls and floors, forms crack use to rough and aggressive use. The climate and the amount of moisture in the wind also plays a very important part is such crack formation. Timely helifix bars often saves one from the future bigger expenses of mending or erecting a new wall or floor. Filling up cracks also ensures that the damage is controlled and other parts of the wall or floor remain unaffected and strong.

  • Using the advanced chemicals

With the advancement of science, many new chemicals and adhesives have been developed which are often used with the mortar while making such repairs and restorations. Such chemicals often give back the lost strength and help one keeping them strong for many years ahead. These advanced chemicals are readily available in various qualities and the experts in the field often suggests the best and the appropriate one which is required for such restorations and repairs.

  • Timely restoration is necessary

Timing is often a great factor and plays a very important role in such repairs and restoration. Some, such faults arise which often required immediate attention and repairs. Any delay can give rise to further erosion and formation of cracks. One should never ignore such faults and cracks and always try to get the necessary repairs done as fast as they can.